Our surgical instrument manufacturers specialize in neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery but provide general instruments as well.

The values below are some of the reasons why we work with the following surgical instrument companies:

  • Superior workmanship
  • Precision technology
  • Superior quality assurance
  • Solutions thru custom instruments
  • “Better instruments yield better results” (for the patient)
  • “Surgeons perform at their best” (with high quality instruments)

We know good quality, reliably made surgical instruments are needed to meet the demands of our customers and these manufacturers have an impressive track record.

Lakes Medical Innovations also has the ability to custom make or modify stainless steel instruments with rapid turnaround.

Our company’s purpose is to help save lives. We wear that responsibility with great pride. This determination has continually motivated us to design and produce the highest quality surgical instruments on the market.
As an established solution based company we are inspired to improve the stagnant. Our in house Research and Development team of engineers strive for constant improvement. Our ability to produce prototypes in house sets us apart from the rest.

Trademarks, patents and 501K numbers all attest to our design expertise to produce the highest quality surgical instruments.

We believe in top quality materials, precision technology and above all superior workmanship. With over 40 years of industry experience, we are here to better serve you.

KOROS USA is committed to supplying the highest quality grade instrumentation on the market.


Orthomed has been providing Healthcare professionals quality products since 1970. This year we celebrate our 50 year anniversary and want to recognize the employees, sales partners, distributors and most of all the thousands of customers who have trusted us to provide the best quality products and service over the last 50 years.

Orthomed is an ISO 13485/2016 registered company and maintains a superior quality assurance program. We can take your instrument projects from an idea to a print and finished product. We look forward to serving you with all your instrument needs for the next 50 years and beyond.


Product Information

Not all instruments are created equal. Adequate for the job is, in reality, inadequate. A better instrument reduces distractions and facilitates operations. A better instrument helps a surgeon perform at his/her best. A better instrument leads to better results. gSource provides better instruments.

gSource Attributes

Whether crafted from German surgical stainless steel, or machined from U.S. surgical stainless steel, our instruments are recognized by their finely finished surface. They are designed to perform with precise surgical function and are also conceived to be affordable. It is this combination that distinguishes the gSource brand.