About Tortle

Tortle Products, LLC manufacturers two main innovative products- the Tortle Midliner for NICU infants and the Tortle Air for larger infants. These products, designed by Dr. Jane Scott, treat and prevent cranial asymmetry and head preference in infants with the adjusted age of 0-6 months. These two products comprise the Tortle Head Positioning System which has rapidly become a healthcare industry “standard of care”.


About Turbomed Orthotics

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a phrase that captures the essence of Francois Cote’s challenge.  After injuring himself in an accident, Cote developed a drop foot but wanted to remain very active. Traditional AFO’s did not hold up to his active lifestyle, therefore he decided to design one himself. With the assistance of Stephane Sevard, co-inventor, Cote and Savard challenged traditional thinking.


About Safe Obstetric Systems

Safe Obstetric Systems is a women’s health company dedicated to designing and developing products to improve Maternal and Fetal outcomes in emergency obstetrics. Our aim is to reduce risk associated with childbirth for mother and baby and to make childbirth a better experience for the mother.


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