Monitoring BCPAP is no longer optional.*

*The FDA requires manufacturers to stipulate in their IFUs that all BCPAP therapy should be monitored to ensure patient safety. Examples of these manufacturers’ requirements can be seen below under “supportive document”.

Are you monitoring Bubble CPAP Therapies according to recent Clinical Practice Safety Guidelines?

  • Monitoring BCPAP is no longer optional. It is a requirement when delivering BCPAP to infants in the NICU, as stated in the JCAHO and AARC Neonatal CPAP Guidelines.
  • The NAPA Airway Pressure Monitor continuously measures and monitors airway pressure during BCPAP and NHF Therapy and alerts clinicians immediately of an over- or under-pressure event.
  • The NAPA Airway Pressure monitor was invented by a Respiratory Therapist in search of a safer way to monitor BCPAP patients.

Safely manage the care of infants on Bubble CPAP Therapy with the NAPA LP-15.

  • The easy to use, easy to read NAPA LP-15 Monitor immediately alerts clinicians to potentially dangerous over- or under- pressure events:
    • Left unchecked, Bubble CPAP systems can drift to pressures 10cm/H2O and higher than the set CPAP.
    • Over-pressure occurrences can result in potential lung damage or CLD, while repeated desat/hypoxic events create an avoidable cycle of de-recruitment and recovery
    •   Prevent hypoxic events due to disconnects. Recovery time can take up to 45 minutes, consuming precious energy and causing other long term systemic damage.
    • “Listening for bubbling” is neither an effective nor acceptable tool for managing BCPAP therapy
  • NAPA LP-15 accurately measures pressures in both open and closed systems.

Statement from JCAHO on monitoring BCPAP

AARC Guidelines


NAPA LP-15 Airway Pressure Monitor Specifications

The NAPA LP-15 Airway Pressure Monitor is a compact monitoring device that continuously monitors the mean airway pressure during CPAP therapy. The monitor alarms when the airway pressure falls outside of the user-selected high and low alarm limits.


Dimensions: H-5.0”, W-2.5”, D-1.24”
Weight: 180g
Display Screen: LED / W-1.5” x D-0.75”
Tubing Fitting: Luer and Quick Connect


High Pressure Alarm: 6.0 – 35.0cmH2O
Low Pressure Alarm: 0.1 – 28.0cmH2O
Calibration: 0 Calibration
Accuracy: ±0.5cm H2O or ± 2%, whichever is greater


Temperature Ranges

Operating: -25 to 85 °C
Storage: -40 to 125 °C

Humidity Limits 0 to 95% RH (non condensing)


LP-15 NAPA Airway Pressure Monitor & Power Supply
AC-PC Pole Mounting Clamp
AC-BR Bracket
AC-PS Power Supply
AC-MT Monitor Tubing Kit and Accessories For LP-15 (25/case)