The Infant Spinal Tap Solution

The innovative SMöLTAP infant positioning cradle was designed by physicians for a solution to a frustrating need in the infant spinal tap experience. 

The SMöLTAP cradle helps redirect the care team’s focus from hold dependency to tap accuracy. The cradle improves the tap procedure by making the process more consistent and replicable, while decreasing stress to the infant and team.

  • Baby upright, arched spine position, pelvis and spine in alignment
  • Shoulders and hips square to spine
  • Experienced “holder” no longer a necessity
  • Opening for Binky + Kisses
  • Shoulder “wings” hold baby stable at shoulders w/ out deoxygenating
  • Replicable and consistent process
  • Simplified experience lowers stress for Baby, Doctors, Nurses, Parents
  • Possible reduced need for extended length of stay due to unsuccessful taps

How it Works