Neonatal Phototherapy System

Maximized Spectral Power for Optimal Phototherapy

  • Faster Treatment
  • Unencumbered Care
  • 360º Access
  • One Size Fits All
  • Hyperbilirubinemia Therapy
  • Purchase/Rental/Lease/Consignment options available

Skylife Neonatal Phototherapy System exceeds the required factors

    • Adjustable Intensity Levels

              -Low 30 ± 5 μW/cm²/nm
              -High 45 ± 10 μW/cm²/nm
              -Very High 56.3 – 72.4 μW/cm²/nm

  • Narrow bandwidth of light between 430-475nm to most closely match the bilirubin absorption spectrum for effective jaundice treatment.
  • Features portable, modular “plug and play” functionality with a convenient “pause” feature.
  • Neolight has introduced Skylife Light Array™ which creates the ideal light in an under baby system which brings the light close to the baby, increasing the irradiance for effective treatment.
  •  Skylife Light Array™ creates 40% body surface coverage with effective, uniform light. Skylife has a large irradiated field or footprint of 119in² (769cm²). Achieving 40% body surface coverage mitigates the need for multiple devices.


Reduce jaundice readmission with Skylife phototherapy treatment at home

Skylife @HomeCare provides phototherapy treatments at home, to keep babies out of the hospital.

How it works

  1. Neolight consigns a set number of Skylife Phototherapy Systems at the hospital or clinic.
  2. Physician writes Rx for Skylife phototherapy equipment on Physician Portal.
  3. Parent receives email directing them to the Parent Portal. Parent signs agreement and submits financial transaction.
  4. Neolight sends replenishment Skylife Phototherapy System to hospital or clinic to refill consignment stock.
  5. Parent receives instructions directing them to training resources.
  6. Parent returns Skylife directly to Neolight. Making hospital and clinic free from maintenance of the unit.