Fetal Pillow

A Cesarean Section performed in the second stage of labor affects around 4% of all births, and carries an increased risk of trauma for both the mother and her baby. ​Intra-operative complications account for the majority of morbidity and often occur as a result of the increased manipulation required to deliver a deeply impacted fetal head.

The Fetal Pillow raises the fetal head making an often difficult cesarean delivery significantly easier. The use of the Fetal Pillow reduces grade 2 and 3 uterine extensions by 77% (Seal RCT 2016).



Fetal Pillow® is very simple to use, it is inserted during patient preparation and does not delay starting the procedure.


Fetal Pillow® enables a gentle and controlled elevation of the deeply impacted head. It is designed to ensure safer and easier delivery, which helps to reduce trauma to both mother and baby.​


Fetal Pillow® reduces intra-partum and post-partum complications due to a significant decrease in uterine extensions. There is also a significant reduction in blood loss, blood transfusions, operating time and length of stay.

Clinical Evidence

Fetal Pillow is intended to elevate a deeply impacted fetal head and facilitate delivery of the fetus in women requiring a Cesarean Section at full dilation or those requiring a Cesarean Section after a failed instrumental vaginal delivery.

Fetal Pillow is indicated for use at a gestational age ≥37 weeks.

Randomized Controlled Trials

Seal RCT 2016: Highlights significant reduction in uterine extension tears, PPH, operating time & length of stay.
Brigham and Women’s RCT 2020: 97% of physicians would recommend Fetal Pillow use in a Full Dilation CS.

Fetal Pillow® vs. Hand From Below Study

Highlights significant improvement in cord arterial PH, reduction in blood loss & reduction in length of stay

Case Controlled Study

Prospective study of 50 Fetal Pillow cases compared with historical controls of 124 women.


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