Tortle MidLiner

The Tortle System

The Tortle Positioning System provides safe and precise head positioning for infants, from birth to 6 months (adjusted age). The products are extremely helpful in supporting neutral positioning including supine midline, sidelying, and prone. This helps support positioning protocols and helps prevent cranial asymmetry and head preference.

Tortle Midliner

For infants in the NICU to help prevent IVH, treat and prevent cranial asymmetry and head preference, and, prepare the infant for “Back to Sleep” when discharged. The Tortle Midliner is designed to accept any respiratory devices with its’ innovative midline respiratory kit.

Tortle MidLiner is a light weight positioning system with two adjustable support rolls for precise head positioning. It is infinitely adjustable and is quickly and easily compatible with most NICU devices (I.E. CPAP, RAM Cannula, NG tube, etc). The Tortle Midliner is used for infants up to 35 centimeters head circumference, and can position and maintain baby’s head in supine mid-line, prone, side-lying positions, and many other positions. The neutral midline position is recommended by the AAP for the first 72-96 hours of life for infants under 32 weeks or less then 1500 grams.

The Tortle Midliner is manufactured with soft, extremely versatile materials that are highly compatible with attachments if needed. It has a Velcro front opening to minimize infant handling and help reduce stress. It is X-ray compatible. Bili-Masks and chin straps are also now available.

Tortle Midliner has two adjustable support rolls to hold baby’s head in a position that helps/prevents abnormal head shape in NICU infants.

US Patent #8096304
Additional US and International Patents Pending.

Available in three sizes

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