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The Fetal Pillow

Fetal Pillow® is a balloon device designed to elevate a deeply impacted fetal head atraumatically out of the pelvis during a caesarean section, making the delivery safer, easier and less traumatic for the mother and baby.

  • Simple
    Fetal Pillow® is very simple to use, it is inserted during patient preparation and does not delay starting the procedure
  • Safe
    Fetal Pillow® enables a gentle and controlled elevation of the deeply engaged head. It is designed to ensure safer, easier delivery helping to reduce trauma to the mother and her baby.​
  • Effective
    Fetal Pillow® reduces intra-partum and post-partum complications. There is also a significant reduction in blood loss, operating time and length of stay

Second Stage Cesarean Section

A Cesarean Section performed in second stage of labor affects around 1.5-2% of all births, and carries an increased risk of trauma for both the mother and her baby. ​A UK study reported that up to 57% of women who have this type of delivery will experience complications including:

For the baby the risk of direct trauma from birth, and being admitted into neonatal intensive care is increased(4) due to delay in uterine incision to delivery interval along with the traumatic delivery.

​​Intra-operative complications account for the majority of morbidity related to a CSFD and often occur as a result of the increased manipulation required to deliver the fetal head which is deeply impacted in the pelvis. The lower segment is overstretched and thin, there is reduced liquor volume, the complications arise due to lack of space between the fetal head and maternal pelvis and lead to unpredictable difficulties in delivery of fetal head.

Steps for Use and Animation

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Instruction for Use

Reducing Healthcare Costs

Using Fetal Pillow® to manage the complications associated with Caesarean Section at Full Dilatation can deliver significant financial savings for a hospital

Take a look at our brochure for more information on the possible cost savings and business case arguments.

US Brochure

Product Information

Fetal Pillow brochure


Fetal Pillow brochure

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