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Tortle Products, LLC manufacturers two main innovative products- the Tortle Midliner for NICU infants and the Tortle Air for larger infants. These products, designed by Dr. Jane Scott, treat and prevent cranial asymmetry and head preference in infants with the adjusted age of 0-6 months. These two products comprise the Tortle Head Positioning System which has rapidly become a healthcare industry “standard of care”.

Babies and moms are Dr. Jane’s life. She not only has first-hand experience as a mother (she had four premature babies), she also works with infants who have severe medical conditions and understands how difficult this can be for families.

Born in Kenya, Dr. Jane attended the University of Western Australia Medical School in Perth. Years later after moving to the United States, she attended the University of Colorado Medical School and completed her residency in Pediatrics and fellowship in Neonatology at Duke University, while simultaneously raising four young children. Dr. Jane became a staff Neonatologist at St Joseph’s Hospital in Denver where she remained for 6 years. After this she was recruited to build St. Luke’s Magic Valley Hospital NICU from a level 1 to a Level 3A unit in Twin Falls, Idaho. She returned to Colorado in 2011.

Dr. Jane’s blended practice of Neonatology and Pediatrics in Idaho encompassed patients from newborn through adolescence. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Jane became acutely aware of the unexpected consequence of the “Back to Sleep” campaign to decrease Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Flathead Syndrome now effects even healthy newborns with an epidemic increase to a current incidence of nearly 1 in every 2 babies. In addition, Dr. Jane has spent 25 years working in NICUs and recognized the difficulties and needs for good infant positioning for these sick infants.

Dr. Jane has been very active in counseling parents and encouraging more movement for all babies and more tummy time from the early days after birth to improve their strength and environmental experience. After years of research and development, she invented the Tortle, an FDA cleared, positioning system designed to provide a cost effective and simple tool to prevent Flathead Syndrome in babies 0-9 months.

We continue to strive to help babies in need and are actively researching to better understand how to help infants by optimal positioning. Tortle Products is based in Denver, Colorado, and our products are currently being sold throughout the US and several international countries.

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