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Safe Obstetric Systems is a women’s health company dedicated to designing and developing products to improve Maternal and Fetal outcomes in emergency obstetrics. Our aim is to reduce risk associated with childbirth for mother and baby and to make childbirth a better experience for the mother.

C-section with full dilation (CSFD) is a challenging obstetric emergency. The Fetal Pillow is an innovative solution which improves outcomes during CSFD. With more than 13,000 applications worldwide, the use of the Fetal Pillow during CSFD has proven to reduce maternal morbidity and fetal morbidity by simply lifting the fetal head 3-4 cm prior to c-section. When the fetal pillow is implemented as a practice regimen for CSFD, financial benefits are realized by the hospital/health system as well. The Fetal Pillow has shown to be easy to use so that all skill levels can safely manage this difficult delivery.

Innovative, cost effective, outcome based products, like the Fetal Pillow, defines Lakes Medical Innovations” mission!

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